What does it mean? How do we look after the gene pool or the gene bank?.

Monday, May 24, 2004

Ignore Attwell at your peril all you half baked ecosystem experts with the experience and understanding of bookworms and armchair idealists

David Packham, former CSIRO bushfire scientist of over 40 years standing.

Athol Hodgson, former Commissioner of the old Forests Commission and CFA board member.

Professor David Attwell of Melbourne University.

took the time to tell NE landowners this week they were on the right track .

Thursday, May 06, 2004

In praise of monocultural myopic madness
ideas aren't everything. Ways to implement good policy on biodiversity protection are far more important and rarer . So don't throw them out with the bathwater ! Reserve reviews must continue

Take the absolute brillliance of Vic labor ! they think Mr Brown and others would make great leaders even though they seldom move talk from the easy ( ideas) to the implementation Critically they think the best way to allow some flexibility is to make the whole business of reserve mangement political ( not scientific- was there ever an enquiry into Aust Public land so hands tied as the Inquiry into the otways- " no comment,, not in the brief" the scientists said) eg reserve management when they ignore generationally sound ways ( were our forfathers not conservationists? ) of leaving open the management requirements of any area of public land - NO
its one generation telling another how it shall be forever (fanatiscsm and paternalism ?).
Ways to implement good policy on biodiversity protection are far more important and rarer .
In Vic labors rush to try and create a new framework for biodiversity they have fallen on a single vision management by park status - open to political interpretation by people who don't know and have not studied
Reserves use should always be subject to review by each generation.
Did you realise Vic government just removed the need for the LCC and indipendant sceintific review --no need for VEAC any more!)

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